River Mud Chai Is Here And It Is Amazing...Turning Your Chai Tea Into Superfood

For those who have been waiting for a version of River Mud that is for Chai Tea drinkers…the wait is over. Now you can simply take ascoop of River Mud Chai and add hot water and you’ll haveall of the benefits of River Mud along with the energy 
and taste you have grown to love in Chai Tea.

River Mud Chai was created, exactly like the original River Mud, in the collaboration with SuperCube, to provide the first product in the 
world that, ‘Turns Chai Tea Into A SuperFood'. Packed with a
 proprietary formulation of CBD and sustainably sourced 
superfood ingredients from around the globe.

Formulated with highly absorbable organic protein, ghee and functional mushrooms including: Reishi, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps, along 
with ceremonial grade cacao, coconut cream, collagen, 
cinnamon, Masala Chai Tea, and Chinese herbs.

If you want the deliciousness of Chai Tea and the natural energy it provides, all while nourishing and maintaining a healthy stress response, stabilizing your mental focus, balancing blood 
sugar, and supporting your immune system…
then River Mud Chai is for you.

Get your River Mud Chai here in either 4 oz. or 16 oz. form factor and begin to turn your Chai Tea into superfood.

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