Metolius Mobileboards - Branded Vehicle Fleet Rolls Out

At Metolius Hemp Company we believe that brand is experience and the experience we work to bring to the world is one of a lifestyle that is chill, healthy and amazing. Life is too short to live any other way from our perspective and our customers aspire to live life fully and we are here to support that.

So, this past weekend we launched the Metolius Mobileboards, a branded vehicle fleet, made up of all of the wholly-owned vehicles our team has, including two electric Monday Motorbikes, a Meepo electric skateboard, a BMW X3, and a Dodge 1500.

Five vehicles that we as a team will drive, or ride, to various events including the farmer's markets we are involved in, to music festivals we are vending at, to brand activation events we participate in, etc.  

The vehicles were hand painted by our team member, Caden, and he rocked it.  He was like a rock star standing next to the vehicles at the Camp Sherman General Store, which carries the Metolius Hemp Company River Lines.  Locals were stopping by to ask questions, to take pictures, and to give him accolades on the amazing artistry.

Thank you Caden and Camp Sherman for all of the amazing work and support.  Now, let's get the mobileboards on the road and find those that want to Roll With Us.

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